March 23, 2017 Straya gets its own alphabet

Bloody oath we do. Designer Beck Feiner was teaching her little boy the alphabet, and decided to make things a bit more interesting and patriotic by creating a series where each letter is represented by an Aussie hero instead of apples and bananas and cherries and we can’t think of a fruit that starts with D.

She told SBS, “I wanted to show the multicultural diversity. I wanted to make sure I did Indigenous people, Asian people, everyone. I wanted to represent the complete spectrum of Australia.”


Beck used heroic eye doctor Fred Hollows for F, and the charity that bears his name got in touch to say they loved it. So now a portion of all profits she makes from selling the poster version of her Aussie Legends Alphabet go to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

They’re all here – as well as that poster – if you want to spell out your name like a cool guy.


Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR