October 6, 2017 Spinifex Gum fire powerful message on ‘Locked Up’

Spinifex Gum is a name to be taking note of this week – the collective comprising of The Cat Empire‘s Felix Riebl and Ollie McGillGondwana Choirs’ Marliya and a Cairns-based all-female choir of Indigenous singers have released on hell of a debut single in “Locked Up”.

Featuring Briggs on co-writing duties and vocals, the tune highlights the treatment of Indigenous youth in juvenile detention – still an ever present issue that affects community.

“The statistics speak for themselves and the cold hard fact remains an indictment on all of us,” Senator Patrick Dodson narrates on the song’s outro.

It’s a timely release for a song like “Locked Up”, with the findings of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory are due for release in November. A powerful offering, “Locked Up” is a song that needs to be on your radar.

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.