February 21, 2017 Servant or Slave will make you so, so furious

“I hope this film starts a conversation that Australia was… entrenched in the slave trade,” says director Steven McGregor.

If you don’t already know, SBS On Demand is an amazing service that is chock-full of movies, TV shows and documentaries on a range of topics. (You have to make an account, but it’s all free.)

Servant or Slave is one of those documentaries, telling the stories of five Aboriginal women who were stolen from their families and put to work as domestic servants. Denied pay, education opportunities and their freedom, these girls were essentially servants.

“We used to get up and make butter every morning and do the washing. My job was to get the coal to put in the fire and keep the heat going… We did odd jobs around and kept that farm going. Instead of playing like kids we worked – well, I call it slavery work,” says Rita Wright, who was taken from her family when she was only two years old.

Watch Servant or Slave here, then get angry and make sure it never happens again.

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR