April 3, 2017 Season 3 of Rick and Morty!

Rick and Morty is my favourite show on television.

It was highly recommended to me a bunch of times. I knew that I’d like it, but it’s just been sitting there for years. It was only a month ago that I sat in and watched the first two seasons.

Mad pan-dimensional tales of the world destroying immortal being Rick and his omnipresent underling and grandson Morty. Disgusting. Juvenile. Profoundly sad and existential. Hilarious and spectacular. Bird person.

Anyhow, I was so overwhelmed by Rick and Morty fever, “Rick and Morty, forever and forever, 100 years Rick and Morty, things,” that I’d taken to listening to podcasts with the show’s creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

What better idea than spending my time on YouTube clips about the philosophy, hidden jokes and fan theories about where the show is headed?

Well, the most important thing for Rick and Morty people has been the incredibly overdue premiere of Season 3. Initially due in late 2016, still not here … what’s happening? What’s going to happen? We need more show. Oh geez, what’s going to happen with Rick? How’s he gonna get out of this one?

That all changed two days ago. Adult Swim premiered a new episode on April Fool’s Day, the ultimate reverse troll.

On a day when every police force and corporation is posting side-splittingly unfunny April Fool’s Day “gags”, these guys posted NEW EPISODE STREAMING TODAY on social media … and it was true. It looped all day on their website.

No spoilers from me. I loved this episode. It was amazing and hilarious and I love this show even more. It’s no longer officially available, but some creative YouTube searches might uncover a stream.

Evidently, the rest of Season 3 won’t be out until later this year. This was one hell of a preview.

Nick Hollins
is the editor of A•STAR