June 26, 2017 Purple Sneakers & 11 years of Sydney parties

Purple Sneakers have been, over the last 11 years, elevated to royal status when it comes to keeping Sydney’s nightlife pumping… especially now in the face of current adversity.

When the collective and music blog celebrated a huge 10 years in the game last year as part of VIVID Sydney, the lines of people eager to get into the Lord Gladstone Hotel, the effect Purple Sneakers clearly retained over party culture in Sydney was more that evident.

Heartwarming for sure, but it was also a defined assertion that Sydney’s party loving community wasn’t prepared to have their city go down without a fight and a raucous celebration of one of their best families.

Purple Sneakers’ first year of operation was in 2007 – a time where a lot of their long-time fans may have been coming out of high school, going through the uni tropes or beginning a love affair with the club and live music circuits that were generating some of the country’s hottest new bands and producers.

When you had venues like The Abercrombie Hotel, Q Bar (Holla, Spectrum), the OAF and more in Sydney providing havens for the masses and dance floors to be sweated on, you had a hive of creatives in a playground unlike other. Purple Sneakers provided an environment all their own and it became one many regularly flocked to.

This was the time when you had The Presets, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, MGMTArchitecture in HelsinkiPNAUMuscles, Cut Copy and New Young Pony Club ingrained in playlists and line ups everywhere, becoming the soundtrack to many a late teen, early 20-something’s life.  A near perfect fusion of indie and electronic music to soundtrack the late 00’s.

And Purple Sneakers were there.

As they enter their 11th year, the Purple Sneakers team have been recognised both as a collective and each in their own right. Obviously, Martin Novosel is one of Sydney’s favourite sons, while recently, editor Emma Jones has been making moves of her own in the spotlight, presenting at the CURVY: Creative Women’s Conference as part of VIVID Sydney this year.

Throw their podcast series and FBi Radio team into the mix, Purple Sneakers ain’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.