June 29, 2017 Parallel Collision – Cleverman Season 2

Posted by Cleverman on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Finally! Cleverman returns tonight after a cliffhanger season finale last year. I saw a preview at Sydney Film Festival.

If you’re new – it’s an Indigenous sci-fi series set in the near future, depicting an ancient civilisation fighting for survival at the mercy of a paternalistic, fear-mongering Government and mainstream society.

From the first moments of Season 2, the Containment Authority and Government are at it again. A shipping container comes to a halt, a spear piercing the truck’s tyre and guards met by Jarli, a fiercely staunch young warrior of the Bindawu.



We’ll see Hairy people unite with their Aboriginal brothers and sisters in a fight that also sets brothers Koen and Warru West against each other.

Koen, the newly appointed Cleverman, which he inherited through his Father’s Brother, Uncle Jimmy (Jack Charles) becomes a beacon of hope for Hairies.

Meanwhile his brother slithers his way to an influential role within Government. Now these two are fighting a battle much bigger than them.



One brother is destined to empower his people and create an uprising unlike anything ever seen in the history of race relations. While the other is corrupted by money, power and control. Which side will you stand with in the fight for the Hairies?

The series mixes real life experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are represented in the form of subhuman Hairy people. Mythological beings with superhuman strength, the hair covering them is said to be the source of their strength and mystical powers.

Catch Episode 1 tonight from 9:30pm on ABC

Bianca Williams
is a Barkindji woman from Country NSW who works with A•STAR