July 17, 2017 Our 5 favourite Lafayette moments from True Blood

True Blood fans were shocked to learn of the passing of actor and HBO-vampire drama favourite, Nelsan Ellis recently. The 39-year-old died after complications due to heart failure and since the news broke, fans and members of the cast and crew have been making their tributes.

It’s been a few years since True Blood wrapped up on TV screens, but remains a cult favourite today, and Ellis’ role as the flamboyant, fierce and intensely cutting Lafayette was a major part of the show’s success.

In our own little tribute to Ellis and the ever endearing Lafayette, here are five of our favourite moments from True Blood where he served up more than just a burger and French fries.

“Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?”

The way Lafayette takes off his earrings before going in on rednecks who send their food back to the kitchen, claiming it ‘might have AIDS’, is a subtle move – but a great one.

“They ain’t scared of you honeychild, they scared of what between your legs.”

Some more messing around in the kitchen, making Sookie awkward as hell. A favourite type of vibe from the True Blood favourites

“I just wanna f**king dance!”

Lafayette feeding off Alexander Skarsgaard’s Eric Northman after being shot gives him a brand new lease on life.

“He poison, he never gonna change.”

True Blood featured a lack of Tara and Lafayette moments as the show went on, which I always thought was a real shame. The cousins had great chemistry, shared many similar personality traits and really shone when together in a scene.

“I was on a cruise. A gay one.”

Nelsan’s moments of drama on True Blood were some of the best moments, displaying his proper acting range and ability to evoke some deep and stressed emotion.

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review