February 7, 2017 Open border installation in Canada defies political tensions

Responding to the tensed political climate spreading across the world, Rotterdam-based Atelier ARI unveils a brightly red installation set across the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, Canada.

Stretching almost four metres in height, the wall titled ‘open border’ creates a striking contrast against the white snowy landscape and the sinuous ice skating trail through which it cuts perpendicularly.


The installation is set across the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, Canada right over an ice skating trail

Atelier ARI’s open border installation has been completed in January of this year with the help of Canadian firm Sputnik Architecture, as part of the 2017 warming huts competition which invites artists and architects to build a pavilion along the skating trail.

Even more, this project has surfaced at the same time when the president of the United States has confirmed his plans to construct a wall along the Mexican border and ban the entry of visitors coming from several muslim countries.

Hence this installation, seemingly threatening at first glance, is actually a porous border through which people can easily cross.


Children ice skating back and forth through the red PVC strips


Two Canadian hockey players that just came back from a big match at the forks


Open border, besides being a political statement against recent events, is a friendly space to play in


The inner wall offers a warm and friendly nest for people to gather


The project seen from the banks of the river


Night view: the red wall becomes transparent

Atelier ARI
provided this piece via Submissions
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