August 9, 2017 Meet Tye Trujillo, the 12-year-old bassist playing with Korn

What were you doing when you were 12 years old? I know I was in Year 7. I definitely know where I wasn’t, and that was playing on stages throughout South America with one of metal’s most beloved rock bands.

But that’s what young Tye Trujillo has been doing and man, has it thrown him into the global spotlight.

Music is in his blood, though. When your dad is Robert Trujillo of Metallica fame, chances are you’re bound to wind up with some kind of musical backbone. And for Tye, his weapon of choice is his father’s, the bass guitar.

Making headlines this year for his prowess behind the bass, the younger Trujillo has been performing on huge stages to sold out crowds with Korn. An interesting choice considering his age and lack of performance experience, the band enlisted Tye to fill in and well, the results have spoken for themselves.

In a new short documentary premiered by Rolling Stone recently, we get to find out how this pairing came together and, from his dad’s perspective, how Tye first got into music.

It’s a wild watch when you consider the amount of territory the young bass player has been able to cover in mere months and is an inspiring watch too.

Check it out below!

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.