November 1, 2017 Looking to join the ABC? Check out the scholarship opportunities available

Finishing high school can often be a tough one for many students to grapple. Where do I go from here? What do I want to study at uni? Is future study right for me? The answer is: Everyone is different. Even if you are keen to continue your studies, you can be sure that everyone’s path is different.

Not only is there a wide range of study avenues at universities around Australia, there is also hands on experience that internships and scholarships offer which are more available than you think.

For Indigenous Australians looking to study and work in the fields of telecommunications, technology, engineering or IT, the ABC offers opportunities via paid work experience and cadetships. Selection of the successful students is based on academic merit, personal qualities and interview performance, but the great thing is that these opportunities are open for everyone to apply for.


Based out of the ABC Ultimo Centre, successful interns and cadets will undertake work experience in the ABC’s technology areas; whether it be in the ABC’s Communications Networks Division (responsible for distribution and transmission of all radio and TV services), the Capital Works Department (responsible for the delivery of technology and building capital projects) or the Technology Division (responsible for technology planning and support), there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned on site.

Want to know more?

Contact ABC Technology on 02 8333 3073 for more information and keep up to date on what other scholarships are available via Indigenous Scholarships.

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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