June 9, 2017 Listen to the new beat from Sensible J, Sampa The Great & Remi

They’re fresh off the back of some well-received shows in the UK and are currently looking down the barrel at a huge collaborative tour back at home.

It’s only right that in the middle of it all, there should be some new music featuring the soulful triumvirate of Sensible JRemi and Sampa the Great.

“Fire Sign” is the first official release by Sensible J, the producer and beat maker behind both REMI albums Divas and Demons and Raw x Infinity. The House of Beige don has stepped out into the solo spotlight with the announcement of a debut album of music on the way in 2017 and as a first taste, “Fire Sign” is a heated four minute journey of funk-fuelled hip hop.

Themes of diversity and community swirl throughout the lyricism while the combo of Remi and Sampa bouncing back and forth off one another really highlights the positive sensation generating around hip hop emerging out of the vibrant corners of our music industry at present.

Check “Fire Sign” out below and catch the three on tour this June and July. For more information visit Niche Productions.

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.