October 24, 2016 Life at Sydney: Lauren Temessl

Lauren Temessl has just started Year 12 at Dubbo College Senior Campus. She came along to the University of Sydney for Life at Sydney on September 26-27. We spoke with her on the second day to find out what she’d experienced during her first time on campus.

What subjects are you most interested in at high school?

Agriculture at the moment. That really interests me. English. Biology. Those three are basically my favourite subjects out of all of them.

That’s cool. What ideas do you have for things you might like to study if you go to university?

I want to be a vet so Animal Science of some sort?

Oh great. Have you spoken to Simone Armstrong about that?

Yes I have. We had a good chat about it all. I’ve wanted to be that ever since I was a kid. I’ve lived on a farm so it just fits.

By coming to Life at Sydney, what information have you been able to find out about studying Vet Science?

I’ve found out a lot. Simone told me her life experience and what she’d done to get in here. Which was different to other stories that I’ve heard from other people. Going to the workshops has given me a different perspective on every other course that can do, but I’m still very interested in the vet side of things.


Given that it’s your first time on a uni campus, what does it feel like to be in a space like this?

It was very intense at first just because it’s massive. But people are really nice here. It’s nice and calm. They have a whole variety of subjects you can choose.

Through asking questions at Life at Sydney, have you been able to find out different information about entry pathways and scholarships and things like that?

Yes I have. So we spoke about the E12 and the Cadigal scholarships. The E12 sounds good. Because I don’t know if I’m going to get the ATAR that I needed, I asked if there was a pathway that I could visit, rather than just sending through my ATAR. They said it was possible which is good. I could go through a different course and then transfer.

What do you think some of the challenges might be if you were to move from Dubbo and come to study in Sydney? I know Michael Jeffrey spoke to you guys this morning, and he moved from there this year.

It’s a big change moving from a rural area to a massive city. Considering that Michael had grown up in Dubbo all his life. Family and friends, to coming here and having basically no-one. He’s done well for himself.

He was saying this morning that he’s gained friends by joining all the groups and clubs. I guess it’s just the change in the environment. In the city, everything is compacted and close.

You’ve spent most of your life living in the country?

Yes. I’m a very country person. I don’t go to the city much.

So looking ahead to Year 12, what are you anticipating? How do you think it’s going to go?

Pretty nervous. It’s a big step. Considering it’s my last of 13 school years. It’s kind of intense. I’m going to have to get down on all my school work and study a lot more than I did in Year 11.

But I’m hoping I get the marks I’m intending to get. If I don’t, there’s other pathways into what I want to do. But hopefully it all just pans out well. See where life takes me after I finish.