June 21, 2016 Let’s get super nerdy with The Simpsons writers

The Simpsons is my favourite TV show. I know, I’m different like that. I was born in the mid 1980s and grew up in the golden age of the world’s favourite family. The first eight seasons, universally hailed as the best ones, were beamed through our ancient, wood-panelled television.

I gained at least 90% of my cultural knowledge from The Simpsons. Airing 6pm every night. New episodes and jokes would be discussed in the playground the next day. “It’s all coming up Milhouse!”

Believe me, I still quote the show pretty much every day. My brain is hardwired to make connections to Simpsons gags at all times. The new website Frinkiac has been a blessing. Type in any Simpsons quote and it finds the image. Finally, some help to explain what I’m on about.


Cracked is a US-based pop culture website. A recent episode of After Hours inspired Simpsons writer Mike Reiss to get in touch, and viola! A new podcast featuring Mike and Jeff Martin from The Simpsons, speaking at length about fan theories and inside stories from the writers’ room.

Definitely watch the After Hours video, and if you want to get super nerdy and learn cool secret things about the show, listen to the podcast.

Nick Hollins
is the editor of A•STAR