January 15, 2017 Kalana returns to WMBB Summer!

There’s no denying we’re a bit pumped (actually, a lot) to see all you deadly peeps at the 2017 Wingara Mura Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.

Ahead of welcoming you guys today, we caught up with a returning student to get her goss on the 2016 program and what’s in store for 2017.

Meet Kalana, a Year 11 student from Cranebrook High in Western Sydney…

We’re so excited to see you back for another Summer Program! What or who made you decide to return?

Well, last year I was in year 10 in the Wingara Mura stream. Now that I’m in Year 11, I am interested to see what the difference is from WM to BB. I’m keen to experience the in depth education and social work faculty stream, too.

What are the highlights of past summer programs you have attended?

Meeting heaps of new people, hands down. I felt really connected and like I belonged. Also the awesome night activities. The ones that stood out were at the Redfern NCIE (National Centre for Indigenous Excellence) – hands on robotics and wildlife activities.

Just being at the camp was fully out of my comfort zone, in a great way. It helped me to develop my social skills.

What are you most excited about for 2017 summer program?

I am SO excited to do the Education and Social Work stream and meet other young people who have similar interests.

What would you tell students thinking about attending the 2018 summer program?

Just go for it! As scary as it seems at first, it’s so worth it. I remember at last year’s camp, I felt a bit overwhelmed on the first night. But thankfully I soon realised it’s easy to make friends.

You start to form this confidence that you know will prepare you for your future plans after high school.

Tell us a bit about your future goals, dreams and study plans?

My future plans definitely involve social work. I would just love to go to uni and then work at an NGO or have my own NGO aboriginal organisation that offers emergency accommodation and drug and alcohol counselling for people in need.

How has your year been?

2016 was pretty awesome! I got selected to be a youth ambassador for Kids in Care, so that was a huge highlight. Over the holidays I’ve been enjoying relaxing and going to the beach. We often head down to Wollongong. I’m a bit of a night owl, so loving the sleep ins atm.

What are your hopes and aspirations for this year?

In 2017 I aim to succeed and do well in year 11. Recess and lunch are my favourite subjects. Just kidding, if I had to choose I would say business and commerce and maths are my preferred subjects – numbers over words any day!

If you could give one piece of advice to students who haven’t been to the WMBB Summer Program before, what would you tell them?

It’s hella awesome! GO, just go.

If you could choose three words to describe the program?

Deadly, deadly, deadly!

Bianca Chaptini
is a contributor for A•STAR