May 16, 2017 Is sledging your opponent poor form?

Or is it all part of the fun?

This fascinating video looks at the phenomenon of “teabagging” in video games, which has been around at least as long as Halo appeared on the scene.

Core-A-Gaming looks at the psychological side of this behaviour, and how it affects the responses of one’s opponent. It’s a big deal in e-sports, but it’s interesting to think about in terms of non-digital sports, too.

Many athletes, including first-grade AFL players, see therapists to talk through the impact of abuse they receive while playing sport, among other issues. Others see it as all part of the package – a bit of fun that makes the game more exciting with a “mind games” element.

If you’re playing a game and people are mocking you, is it still fun? Do you think it’s okay to tease or rile up your opponents in a game? Where do you draw the line?

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR