July 18, 2017 Hear 65,000 fans sing Bohemian Rhapsody together

These are the moments that restore faith in humanity. An entire stadium worth of people in London singing the renowned Queen banger Bohemian Rhapsody.

Albeit, sure they’re waiting for a Green Day concert. That takes the gloss off slightly. Over 65,000 people packing a stadium to see Green Day is such a damn UK thing to do.

Did you seriously pay 48 quid to stand 125 metres away from Green Day. Craziness. This guy really likes Time Of Your Life and Dookie.

Still, get into this video. Enjoy the sound of people gloriously united in a hilarious, massive sing along. This ain’t the time to be cynical and too cool for things. This many people singing together is a beautiful event.

There’s a natural comedy about Bohemian Rhapsody, as recognised by Mike Myers in Wayne’s World. It will never be not funny.

Nick Hollins
is the editor of A•STAR