July 4, 2017 Getting real with Faculties at BB Winter Program

Engineering with Emily

What makes things work? How does a wind turbine create electricity? How do we test aeroplanes before they fly? These were just a few of the questions our budding engineers investigated yesterday during their meet and greets with the Engineering Faculty.

Engineering 2

Our day ended with a tour around the aeronautical engineering labs, where students saw the inside of a jet engine, which is just one aspect that makes flying possible! Our future engineers were intrigued and excited by all that we saw! Maybe they will one day help to create new methods of flying.

Health Science 2

Health Science with Jola, Bhakti and Patricia

The most interesting part? Definitely our first session with Simone and her Health Science crew! We sat in a circle and students had the green light to ask absolutely anything about the university. We as mentors also gave a few mythbusters and personal tips on how to survive and excel at uni.

Health Science

Our day ended with rock climbing which was enjoyed by everyone – climbers and spectators. Overall it was a day filled with loads of information, fun and excitement for the students.

Tristan Sulter: “It was great meeting all of the Faculty of Health Science staff and some of the students currently studying they were able to give us insightful study tips and pathway opportunities and awesome ending the day with rock climbing.”


Education and Social Work with Mitchell

Across our 12 years of schooling, we are so often used to playing the role of the student. But what happens when the tables are turned? What does it really take to become a person who’s responsible for the wellbeing and educational development of children who may only be a few years younger than ourselves?

These are the questions we tried to unpack while doing personality profiles and composing biogram poetry based off some fairly interesting and insightful interviews with each other!

We all have our own vision of what a teacher should be and through these tasks, we could definitely see ourselves in this profession. We learnt the importance of knowing your students and that a good teacher shouldn’t be afraid to express that interest in themselves as a person.

To wrap up, we had a personal tour of the beautiful USYD campus at sunset which pretty much sealed the deal! A big shout out to Education and Social Work Faculty for their hospitality and wisdom!

Education 2

Emily, Jola, Bhakti, Patricia and Mitchell
are all Student Leaders at the BB Winter Program