March 30, 2017 Geeki Tikis make tiki mugs geeky

The clue is really in the name.

Sometimes you’re trawling the internet, avoiding the work you should be doing, when you come across something truly amazing. In this case it’s Geeki Tikis, a company that designs ceramic Tiki mugs featuring characters from Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, Star Trek and even Pulp Fiction.


And for a more community feel – say, if you’ve just moved into a sharehouse – there’s a set of four Ninja Turtle glasses just begging for pizza-flavoured punch (okay, maybe just the pineapple).


So far it looks like most of their stuff is filed under “coming soon”, but if you’re keener than Wolverine’s claws to get your hands on a particular item, they’ve got a newsletter scenario going to keep potential customers informed. (You can sign up on their website.)

Bags Spider-Man!

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR