May 31, 2017 Gabriel Pulecio transforms light and space into infinity

Premiered at Panorama Festival, ‘Infinity (Tiles Of Virtual Space)’ is a traveling interactive light-art installation designed by New York-based artist Gabriel Pulecio.

The immersive space combines light, sound, and space to introduce the user to a seemingly endless digital three-dimensional matrix of interactive graphics and haunting voids of light, floating in the middle of what feels like infinity.

Image © Gabriel Pulecio

Image © Gabriel Pulecio

With the use of Kinect sensors embedded into the ceiling, the user triggers ripples of light that grow from their feet and define a new digital landscape, accompanied by carefully-designed sounds to match.


Each panel’s infinite reflections play into the room as a whole, which infinitely reflects everything inside. Image © Gabriel Pulecio

The touch designer-based algorithms designed by Pulecio that create constant visuals respond to the movement inside, so each person’s experience is unique and personal. The concept of infinity is utilised on a multitude of scales.


An overlaying of colours, shapes, and sounds forms unique digital landscapes. Image © Designboom

Made up of 25 custom-fabricated/ laser cut panels with a combination of mirrored and two-way acrylic sheets, a total of 10,000 LED lights define a hexagonal grid with each light reflecting endlessly into the darkness.


Growing white lines superimposed onto an animation create custom spaces prompted by the user. Image © Designboom

Most recently, the cube was assembled for the filming of ’Emotions Portrait’ as a an immersive backdrop for a dancer, produced by Brooklyn-based video/animation studio Yes Boss.


By controlling the images on the wall and floor, a vast array of spaces can be created. Image © Designboom


Image © Designboom


Image © Designboom


As large as the inside feels, the cube itself only occupies a footprint of about 5′ x 8′. Image © Designboom


From the outside, a two-way wall allows outsiders to peer into the cube observing those inside exploring their new found universe. Image © Chris P Zero

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