September 8, 2017 Ello is pretty cool these days

It’s more than the ad-free Facebook it once wanted to be. 

Have you even heard of Ello? Years ago, Facebook announced they were going to start having ads, and in response some people created Ello as a commercial-free alternative. So I joined up, friended some people… and that was it. Everyone else was still on Facey, and they ended up migrating to Insta and Snapchat. Every now and then I’d get an email from Ello asking how I was, but you know. Awkies.


Anyway, Ello has changed, like that friend who comes back from summer holidays with a sweet haircut, fresh sayings and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, making you wonder when the hell they became so cool while you stayed the same.


These days they’re all about art, and those regular emails are now full of curated works that’ll make you furious that other people can be so talented (when did that friend find time to learn how to play guitar over the holidays?!)


If I could remember my password, I’d ask you to follow me.

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR