October 9, 2017 Don’t Own a TV? Watch The New Powerful Anti-Racism Ads Here

One in five people living in Australia have experienced racist abuse

I don’t have free to air TV at home, but if I did, I still wouldn’t watch The Bachelorette. I also rarely even remember that TV exists, because Netflix.

But today, I kinda wish I could flick on that noise box to catch the new Australian Human Rights Commission ad’s targeting casual racism that just began airing.

As part of their new anti-racism campaign, the AHRC has produced two ads that will be aired in commercial breaks for the next two months that depict instances of casual racism in Australia.

Independent research indicates that racist incidents frequently occur in the workplace and while undertaking every day tasks like catching a bus, riding a train, or flagging a taxi.

The ads are cool, showing those involved making a stand against the assholes who commit the acts of racial prejudice, with the slogan for the campaign appearing at the end, reading “Racism. It Stops With Me.” It’s a powerful message, and though it may seem like the obvious response to these types of scenarios, unfortunately many Australians need the reminder. Watch and share them around today.


Erin Bromhead
is a contributor for A•STAR