November 7, 2016 Data-martyr: Always connected but never really present

I am addicted to my iPhone and have been since I was spoilt with a 4s way back in 2011.

Our dependency on digital technology has us overly connected to our devices and social networks more so than our physical associations. Subsequently I am very saddened every time I get onto a bus or train in Sydney, all you see is a myriad of glowing foreheads!

People, buried deep into the fluorescent screen of their smart device. This poem has been written in response to the unfortunate reality of our society, to be always connected but never really present.


If I was the media, I wouldn’t be any needier for attention.

I wouldn’t want to be instantly gratified without some kind of formal qualification behind my hide.

If I were a platform, where anyone’s words can adorn my wall, each of your posts would be analysed to profile you, like the ones that came before.

If I were a computer, with a mother board and all, the meaning taken to write this poem, would be non-existent at all.

Bianca Williams
is a Barkindji woman from Country NSW who works with Compass and A•STAR