January 12, 2017 Can you judge a game by its cinematic trailer?

Horizon Zero Dawn looks stupidly pretty, but what’s the story?

If you’ve spent every waking moment since Christmas Day playing old-school classics on your Mini Nintendo, watching a trailer like this can be a brain-exploding shock. Guiding Link around Hyrule to collect bits of the Triforce in all their original eight-bit glory does nothing to prepare you for the beauty of a world where robots have seized control and noble savage hunter-archers can do nothing but fight back.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been in development for years, and it looks like it might be the open-world action-RPG to watch. Not only does it feature the voice talents of the man who repeatedly tells Destiny players that “the Fallen will continue to claw at the walls of our city”, it brings to life all those conversations we love to have about the treatment of different cultures in western entertainment.

Here we have multi-racial tribes with facial tattoos, a heroine in touch with the natural world in the face of technological invasion, the corruption of machines and villains in strange masks.

Hopefully it’s as much fun to play as it will be to write essays about!

Shane Cubis
is a contributor for A•STAR