May 30, 2017 Boxer shows ridiculous accuracy, we give up boxing

You know that feeling when you’re not good at something right away? That’s what this video will do.

Here’s Ukranian boxing legend Vasyl Lomachenko wearing a hat connected to a tennis ball by a rubber band.

And here’s Ukranian boxing legend Vasyl Lomachenko repeatedly punching that tennis ball with incredible accuracy, proving that boxing is about way more than strapping on a pair of gloves and throwing haymakers until someone rings a bell then lifts Ukranian boxing legend Vasyl Lomachenko’s hand up in the air while the Rocky theme plays.

If this was us, there’d be one punch then the ball would whip back at high speed and give us a black eye. So we’re sticking to Street Fighter II for now, thanks…

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR