May 10, 2017 Beth Brown’s advice for musicians hoping to tour the USA

While at SXSW in March, we caught up with the now Nashville-based songwriter Beth Brown.

Having had success in writing and touring Stateside since relocating from Australia, we asked her for some tips for aspiring Australian musicians hoping to make their initial forays into the American scene.

“No matter how old or young you are as an artist; music always runs off the back of a great song.”

“My advice for any Aussie artists, budding songwriters who want to come out to the US, is to absolutely write the best song that you possibly can and get it in the hands of a producer in the States who you really admire and respect, and see where it flies!”


“Once an invitation is set, then come out, work with a lot of different artists out here and cross-pollinate with as many people as you can. Always have an advocate in production who loves your art and can help you get solidified and help build relationship here.”

Larry Heath
is the founder of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.