January 12, 2016 Aww yiss: NCIE Mega Monday

After the looseness of Monday night (Aunty Deb Reid channelling Michael Jackson in “Smooth Criminal” was a particular highlight), we were hoping that Tuesday was going to be a little more civilised. In all honesty, that was a bit much to ask… but at least we had a lot of fun.

The Street Art Tour of Redfern with Culture Scouts was a huge hit; WMBBers exercised their vocal chords speaking to Koori Radio; Kaleb Taylor performed the Black Duck Dance; Daz and Jax from Move It Mob Style taught everyone how to shake their booties; IDX Robotics showed us a grim/awesome robot future; Wildlife Bus proved that lizards are in fact kind of cuddly; and The Magic Academy reminded us that it really is just smoke and mirror sometimes.

Check out the video! We hope you had an amazing night. 🙂