May 1, 2017 Anna Carey’s Miniature Houses

If there were a way for me to live inside the miniature houses that Australian artist Anna Carey builds, I would sign a lease in a heartbeat. Full of colour, light, and awesome architectural design, Anna’s model spaces are tiny versions of big dreams.

Her most recent exhibition at Artereal Gallery in Rozelle, titled ‘In Search of Rainbows’, featured a series of photographs of her miniature spaces, with each room based on a colour of the rainbow.

Some can take longer than others, but usually each model takes around a month to complete, as Anna factors in ‘renovations’ if need be.

Anna Carey

The concept for each room starts as a daydream, and ends as a tangible space, albeit one made for ants. Anna literally schedules daydreaming into her diary, and is super serious about spending a bunch of time each day conjuring up spaces in her thoughts.

Although they don’t need to be, each room Anna creates is built to function as if it were a life size home—even down to the working electrics of the lights and fans. Yep, I just made a high-pitch ‘eeeee’ sound out loud.

Anna Carey 3

Her spaces are based on memories as well as familiar places that inspire her, which she then modifies and reimagines. The only part of the whole process that I don’t like is hearing about what happens to the models after they are photographed. According to Anna, she keeps them for a little while in case she needs them for reference, but then they get thrown out.

Anna Carey 4

Sometimes, she’ll take a railing from here or a verandah from there and repurpose them in a future work, but otherwise, they meet their fate in the recycling bin. She doesn’t like clutter—either physical or mental—and plus, she has the photographs to remind her.

Erin Bromhead
is a contributor for A•STAR