February 2, 2017 Angel Above … for Emma Powell

To the angel above that looks over me every day.
It’s kinda sad knowing that the only way I can see you,
is through the beautiful sun ray.

I would love to see your beautiful smile for one last time.
But I guess the only way I’ll see it again is through the love and pain.

You deserved the very best in your life but it was cut way too short.
If only we knew your pain we would all love to be with you once again.

We had so many good memories,
but the best was our modelling where we had so much fun.
Now the only way I see you is in the blazing hot sun.

We both loved watching the sunset now I feel alone when the sun is gone.
But at least I know that you’re the one that’s been reborn.



Emma Powell

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Travis O'Connor
is in Year 11 and attended the WMBB Summer Program 2017