March 20, 2017 Add some human skulls to your firepit

Step one: dig a firepit.

When it comes to doing a bit of decorating for your bedroom, the only thing cooler than skulls are those skulls that are made up of heaps of even smaller skulls.

You can find that thing that lives inside your face in the form of candles, on bedspreads, carved into soap, made into bookends, shaped into goblets, painted on flowerpots and all over the shelves at $2 shops in top hats, with gemstone eye sockets and printed on flags.

But when you really want to give your living space that “conqueror of all I survey” feeling, there’s only one option: SKULL. FIREPLACE. LOGS. These things are made from heat-tolerant ceramic and lava granules, layered over steel. Imagine standing around that roaring blaze with your mates, toasting marshmallows and trying to freak each other out.

The only downside is that they appear to be $65 each. WHAT. We’ll wait till the local $2 shop starts stocking cheap knock-offs, thanks.

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR