September 21, 2016 A.B Original on Reclaim Australia & writing tracks about the real issues

At BIGSOUND this year, A.B Original (The collaboration between Trials and Briggs) was one of the feature artists on the line up and indeed, the conference programming.

Their keynote speech and conversation session in Brisbane centred on the creation of their highly anticipated debut album Reclaim Australia, which has already spawned strong singles in “2 Black 2 Strong” and “January 26”.

The rap music this duo makes is unapologetic and confrontational – taking to task the severity of the issues our Indigenous communities still suffer and face today. As Briggs and Trials explain, the music on Reclaim Australia wasn’t written in a response to any current events playing out in the media right now – these are conversations and issues that have been happening for years.

“A lot of the shit that’s gone on in the news now, we have a song for it and not purposefully,” says Trials. “We didn’t write a song like, ‘This is the song for that,’ it’s just that we’re addressing the same shit that’s been going on for so f***ing long. No one wants to have that conversation; it’s easy to wriggle out of a lot of the conversations we’re trying to have.”

Watch the full, uncut conversation with us:

A.B. Original will be emceeing and appearing at the 2017 Laneway Festival. For more information about the duo, visit

Cover Image: Michelle Grace Hunder

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review