March 7, 2017 A•STAR fashion on the fields

So by now I’m sure you all know about our WMBB Summer Program, because we can’t/won’t stop raving about it.

“The hottest event of 2017” – the Internet

Not only did students learn a bunch of cool stuff to help them in thinking about their future, they also got to do fun things like the Talent Battle, a private screening of Zach’s Ceremony and swimming.

Boy! Were these guys lucky… and there’s even more!

With love from us here at A•STAR, everyone got to take home some awesome merch but not before we got a few snaps of them looking fab!


Merch 2

Merch 3

Merch 4

Merch 5

Merch 6

Merch 8

Merch 9

Merch 10

Esther Robertshawe
is a contributor for A•STAR