October 13, 2017 5 things we learned from Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman at OZ Comic Con Sydney

OZ Comic Con took place over the weekend and we were lucky enough to have The Impossible Girl herself Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who give us 5 interesting facts about herself.

Jenna Coleman’s favourite Doctor is David Tennant.

As one of the very few companions who has had the good fortune of working with multiple versions of The Doctor, her response is predominantly diplomatic, saying she “doesn’t want to get in trouble with either Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi”. Jenna would have loved to have been able to be one of the Tennant-era companions as she loves that he runs everywhere.


Jenna Coleman’s favourite costume was the ‘Oswin Oswald’ dress with the egg whisk.

Coleman was fortunate enough to play multiple versions of her character Clara Oswald (as well as her relatives and or descendants) scattered all throughout time. One of the bonuses of this is getting to wear a huge variety of costumes. However the costume for Oswin Oswald was a particular favourite with its “futuristic Virgin Atlantic air-hostess vibe with the egg whisk on her belt”.


Jenna Coleman accidentally broke the TARDIS on her very first day!

An overly excited Coleman was pushing a few too many of the buttons on the TARDIS console, when any companion’s worst nightmare occurred – she broke a few of the dials! Even though they managed to fix it, Coleman has never been able to live the embarrassment of that day down.

Jenna Coleman wasn’t surprised they cast Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor.

Coleman was more surprised by the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor than she was of Whittaker’s announcement as the 13th. The show’s progression with diversity representation has been a little slow but she believes that the show runners are attempting to be more inclusive. Coleman convinced us that Whittaker will nail the role as she considers her an excellent actress.


Jenna Coleman was terrified to take on the role of Queen Victoria.

In her latest series Victoria, Coleman plays the titular Queen in her early years, from her ascension to the throne at the age of 18 to her marriage to Prince Albert. The main reason for her fear though was that it “…felt like a mountain to climb research-wise”. Playing a real historical figure, and only being able to rely on text accounts (there was no tv or film or even audio recordings in that era!) of what she was like proved suitably nerve-wracking.

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