March 16, 2017 5 iconic TV shows to revisit on Netflix & Stan

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been going on some serious Netflix and Stan binge sessions.

Thanks to these online streaming platforms, us kids of the 90’s in particular can revisit shows that formed every after-school TV session, every sneaky VHS taping of shows parents didn’t necessarily want us to watch. Here are five favourites, all available at your fingertips.


Catch it on Netflix

All six seasons of the beloved American sitcom are up online; the show that put Will Smith on the map as a veritable TV star became ingrained in popular culture throughout the 1990’s.

Without The Fresh Prince we wouldn’t have the iconic theme songs, ‘The Carlton’ and more Will Smith/DJ Jazzy Jeff out of the studio.


Catch it on STAN

The Canadian teen drama which has continued to run into the 2000’s was a landmark show of its time. Dealing with many issues young people face including teen pregnancy, depression, suicide, abusive relationships and AIDS, Degrassi was one of those shows that, while informative, caused much controversy at the time of its original airing.

The issues the show dealt with are still relevant today, while the drama and interweaving plotlines these characters go through brought some iconic names to the public sphere. Joey and Caitlin, anyone?


Catch it on Netflix 

Another iconic US family comedy, Full House introduced us to John ‘Uncle Jesse’ Stamos, classic TV dad Bob Saget and of course, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. From 1987 through to 1995, Full House ran for eight seasons before finally coming to an end.

Never quite considered a favourite during its original TV run, Full House became a hit and reached icon status thanks to its popular syndication on channels right around the world. Thanks to Netflix, fans were able to go back into that universe with the Fuller House release.


Catch it on STAN 

The new season of Twin Peaks, premiering on Stan this May 21st, has well and truly set a fire beneath fans of the original – we can’t wait. Fusing mystery, drama and even horror, David Lynch and Mark Frost created two seasons of twisted and extremely well crafted television featuring many iconic moments.

The melodrama is brilliantly mixed with camp and supernatural elements, while Lynch’s offbeat humour and surrealism is never gone from the focus.


Catch it on STAN & Netflix

When it comes to iconic British comedies, you can’t go much further than Blackadder. Over four seasons, we follow Edmund Blackadder as he continues to get himself into ill-thought out schemes and blunders.

From the creative minds of Richard Curtis, Ben Elton and Rowan Atkinson, fans have drawn many iconic moments from the show – whether it’s Rik Mayall’s Lord Flashheart, Tony Robinson’s Baldrick or Tim McInnerny’s Captain Darling, each character in the Blackadder franchise brought their own independent status of hilarity.

Sosefina Fuamoli
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