September 5, 2017 12 tips for starting high school in the best way

1. Challenge yourself from your very first day

Look into volunteering, getting involved in a sports team, the debating team or the school’s SRC. The more you get into at high school, the more skills and experiences you will gain, and the more friends you will make along the way too!

Nicholas – Student Recruitment Assistant/Bachelor of Commerce and Arts

2. Be yourself

With new kids coming from heaps of different schools other students will be working hard to determine the pecking order and to prove something, but if you rise above and just be yourself you’ll come out in a much happier place!

Darcy – Schools Network Officer

3. Write everything down

Get notebooks with subject dividers. Plan your day – know your timetable – and schedule homework accordingly. Eat your frogs.

Josie – Partnerships and Engagements Manager at Compass

4. Make use of your school diary

Write down your homework and key tasks, tick them off when you’ve completed them. If you don’t understand something, just ask. Start your study habits early.

Mary – Project Officer Events at Compass

5. Get organised

Organise your school bag every night before you go to school. Forgetting homework and school items is both embarrassing and can get you into trouble!

Jared – Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

6. Don’t leave things till the last minute

Try to find what method of study works best for you as soon as you can. Change it up if you think it suits you, e.g. study groups, working alone for certain subjects, etc.

Don’t wait for things to come to you, go for it. Push past your comfort zone.

Smrithi – Health Sciences

7. Teachers are your friends (seriously)

Though it may not feel to be the case at first, as you get into the higher years consider teachers as your ultimate resource. Ask them lots of questions and you won’t need any tutoring!

Have fun! High school is one of the best times of your life! Enjoy the ride.

Annie – Bachelor of Nursing

8. Get involved!

Extra-curricular activities are a great opportunity to learn new skills that you won’t get taught in the classroom. These kinds of experiences are often the special things you remember about high school in the long run (not to mention, they look great on scholarship and job applications later!).

Amy – Coordinator, Partnerships & Content Development at Compass

9. Don’t limit yourself to any specific area

Whether it be friends and people you hang out with, sports you play, and school work you do. That way you get to experience the most of every opportunity you get throughout high school. 

Mitch, Bachelor of Business

10. Figure out who can help you

Make sure you know who your year advisor/house dean is so you know where to go if you need help.

Also, coloured folders are useful.

Michael – Bachelor of Education and Science

11. Don’t be afraid to work hard

Make sure you list one thing you learnt in every class at the end of the day.

Orion – Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

12. Music is a universal language

One of the best things about school is how much everyone is into music. That slightly oddball kid in your Year 7 class might end up playing drums in your band.

Nick – Editor of A•STAR