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    February 7, 2015 Christian Thompson, conquering the world

    Christian Thompson is one of Australia’s premier Indigenous artists. He’s been making his mark in Europe, having exhibited at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London, being the first Aboriginal person admitted into Oxford University in its nine hundred year history, and recently meeting the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the […]

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    January 27, 2015 The Yabun Festival

    This January 26th several thousand gathered in Camperdown’s Victoria Park to celebrate Survival Day with the annual Yabun Festival, a day-long festival of music, dance, performance, market stalls and public speaking sponsored by Koori Radio 93.7FM . Held on Gadigal country, Yabun Festival is the largest celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in […]

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    Sydney’s Leumeah High School has a damn good idea

    Leumeah High School, in Sydney’s outer south-west, is home to a program that sees Aboriginal students working together to develop a leading voice within the area. In operation for nearly two years now, the school’s Aboriginal Representative Council, or ARC, is reaching out to young Aboriginal locals, helping them find ways to connect with and […]

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    Teaching all of Australia’s history

    After twelve years of living in Australia, my family finally decided to make the journey to Uluru that many other Australians carry out each year. I can still remember sitting on the aeroplane watching in awe as the city and greenery melted away into this amazing expanse of red dust freckled with the occasional robust […]